Resilience stands for resistibility to straining external influences.
It helps to remain calm and relaxed in difficult situations and triggers self-healing ressources.

The good news: resilience can be learned and trained.

It is important to question one’s own boosters and re-use them in a positive way.

Some potential boosters are:

  • Be perfect!
  • Be quick!
  • Be strong!

Essentially these learned belief systems are good and valuable characteristics and capacities.
But like with everything in life the dosis is crutial.

If they become overwhelming and overpowering at the wrong places the wellkept equilibrium collapses and the boosters are more of a hinderance than useful.

What can you do yourself already today? – Relearn and retrain!

  • Learn to be mindful towards yourself and your needs.
  • Learn to say „no“.
  • Learn to listen to your inner voice.

Enter new trails and broaden your possibilities by doing so.
For this there the need of leisure, time and calm as well as corresponding phases, appointments with oneself and the inner allowance to do this.