Mediation in the Private Sector

Mediation in the Private Sector

  • gets all sides again into conversation and frees the mind for the important things.

  • sets the right course and spares the nerves and health.

  • resolves in a compact way and quickly.

  • creates a space for other activities.

Mediation for:

  • clearing up of misunderstandings
  • mitigation of day to day conflicts
  • a structured conversation atmosphere
  • timely communication with each other and not about each other
  • conflict solutions without a trial
  • dissolution of blocks of communication
  • restoration of trust
  • a common base for an amicable coexistence
  • unobstructed view on to the essentials
  • sustainable problem-solutions
  • cooperation und harmony
  • family members or partners
  • neighbours, tenants, landlords
  • estate issues
  • pupils, teachers, parents

Mediation assists you — best used as a preventive measure

The earlier all assemble to speak to each other (again) the quicker they will recover a common basis (again).