Orchestra-Mediation Process

Orchestra-Mediation Process


  • negotiation support for the conflicting parties by a neutral third party
  • confidential
  • future-orientated, resource-orientated and needs-orientated
  • voluntary
  • transparent
  • self-responsible


  • contact
  • mediation contract
  • negotiations


  • clear structure through sorting of the issues to be discussed
  • conflict mitigation by dividing between factual level and relationship level
  • triggering a process of mutual understanding taking into account the real needs on all sides
  • sustainable results due to self-negotiated solutions


  • various single appointments or all-day negotiations
  • format depending on the individual needs
  • flexible adjustments possible


  • depending on duration and complexity of each case
  • in general hourly rates

Example for an Orchestra-Mediation

Orchestra-Mediationpdf, (in German), Heiner Krabbe / Angelika Kutz

Details about Orchestra-Mediation can be found in my book

„Mediation als Instrument zur Konfliktlösung im (professionellen) Orchester
Orchestermediation — Welche Besonderheiten sind zu beachten?“ (in German)



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