Support by Coaching

CIMG1759_cpmSupport by Coaching

You would like…?

  • contentment and quality of life
  • to discover and reach your personal life objectives
  • your own Ship of Life steered again by yourself and no one else
  • wellbeing, joy of life and meaningfulness
  • clarity and overview
  • energy and vitality

You need …?

  • an equilibrated Life-Work-Balance
  • more composure for new challenges
  • relaxation methods and anti-stress-techniques
  • goal-orientated assistance in situations of change

How can CpM support you?

  • set impulses and enable to critically question old patterns
  • by triggering a rethinking process
  • by accompanying your personal change and development process

Which contribution is needed from you?

  • Willingness and readiness to change (motivation)
  • discipline and patience (especially with yourself)
  • self-responsibility and openness for something new

As your personal coach I accompany you intensively on your way to your own, self-responsible decisions.

Or do you need…?

  • more cooperation und harmony in your surroundings
  • help and support with regards to conflict solutions
  • sustainable conflict solutions – without a judge

Then you could get support by mediation in Hannover (conflict solutions – without a trial).