Support by Orchestra-Mediation

Support by Orchestra-Mediation

You would like…?

  • cooperation und harmony in your orchestra

  • sustainable conflict solutions – without a judge

  • decide for yourself how your problems shall be solved

You need…?

  • long-term sustainability of trustful artistic work relationships
  • a neutral third person who supports you during your negotiations
  • a quick and economic alternative to a law suit
  • tailored solutions

How can mediation support you?

  • by structured negotiation support for systemising the issues to be solved
  • by revealing the deeper interests behind the predominent claims
  • by triggering a solution-focussed process of rethinking

 Which contribution is needed from you?

  • readiness for negotiations on all sides
  • self-responsibility
  • openess for resource-orientated solutions

As an orchestra-mediator I support the conflicting parties intensively during their negotiations of their own and self-responsible solutions.

Or do you need…?

Then you could get support by Coaching per Mediation, psychological advise and Qi Gong.