CpM – Coaching per Mediation

CpM – Coaching per Mediation for

  • situations of change, upheaval and re-orientation
  • career decisions
  • decisions at crossroads
  • changes of responsibilities and roles in family and professional matters
  • equilibrium between private and professional life
  • individuals
  • teams and groups


  • contact to oneself and one’s individual values
  • grounding, deceleration and composure
  • pausing and assorting freshly
  • purposeful acting by steerage and self-definition
  • meaningfulness and joy of life
  • freedom of action
  • increased strength and energy


  • first interview free of charge
  • dependent on duration and extent of the support
  • hourly rates

Details about CpM can be found in my book

„Coaching per Mediation — Lebensziele erkennen und umsetzen“ (in German)

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